Our experts


The technical specialists CESAP relies on help the customers companies on the following topics:

  • design of articles made of plastic materials – technical support even in 3D modeling of the piece and its rapid prototyping
  • design of molds for the processing of plastic materials, including the molding simulation (CAE)
  • support in the process of raw materials identification for new applications and for existing products and processes optimization, their characterization, support about product technical verification
  • retrieval of technical information on plastic materials and reference standards
  • support to the solution of technical and technological issues regarding the products and the transformation processes (molding and extrusion)
  • standards and quality control procedures interpretation and laboratory tests
  • development of dedicated testing methodologies


CESAP proposes the processing companies a verification service on the operating procedures, machineries and equipments for plastics processing, with inspections in the production departments, providing a report with assessments and suggestions in order to pursue the production process improvement.