CESAP, direct expression of the main associations of the companies operating in the plastics processing supply chain, has been on the market for over 30 years as a technical assistance and consultancy on the technologies and processes in the plastics and polymers, serving all the companies of the plastics and rubber supply chain.


Focus: our services are related exclusively to the industrial processes in the field of plastics and polymers in general.

Method: the strength and rigor of our method ensures the quality of service, which leads us from the identification of the problem to the discovery of the most effective action.

Transparency: our services consist of well-defined activities, suggested with the value for money principle

Network: our company has a wide network of experienced and highly qualified partners, able to guarantee a high level of service.

In this context, CESAP has recently finalized an agreement with Istituto Italiano dei Plastici based on opportunities for industrial and operational synergies, useful to enlarge its business and to strengthen the company positioning in the market of business training and technical and technological consulting.

Thanks to this partnership, CESAP offers new training courses in 2017 in a renewed technical center for polymers recently established in Monza.

New training classrooms, advanced and specialized laboratories, testing new test hall for a broader answer to the needs of its customers.

CESAP carries out its practical courses using machines, equipment and materials provided by various customers.


These activities are always designed to support the improvement of industrial processes, helping companies in a sustainable development path, aiming to increase its competitiveness in the market and to recover the internal efficiency.

Hundreds of Italian companies, processors or users of plastics, take advantage of our services every year:

  • technical training (also by customers facilities)
  • technical support for the resolution of problems concerning the production processes
  • technical advice for the implementation of best practices in logistics and production processes and product development, and for the design and implementation of various certification systems
  • characterizing of plastic materials (tests and analyzes carried out in the Italian Institute of Plastics laboratories)



CESAP (Centro Europeo Sviluppo Applicazioni Plastiche) was founded in June 1983 by a group of entrepreneurs operating in the plastics sector and by the Bergamo Industrial Association, to provide technical services to the processing industries.

Today the main institutional shareholders (AMAPLAST, National Association of machinery and molds for plastics and rubber and the Bergamo Industrial Association representing the most significant shares) have been joined by Associazione Istituto Italiano dei Plastici who promoted the project to relaunch the Centre, with the transfer to the new headquarters in Monza and the constitution of a technical network that will expand to other partners soon, in order to create the first institutional competence center on polymers, offering a wide range of services.

The CESAP activities are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 by Certiquality certification body.