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CESAP provides assistance to the companies which operate in the plastics business with customized training sessions on the basis of a specific teaching program agreed with the companies themselves. These sessions allow you to fit the teaching activities to the specific companies needs, improving the competences of its staff. They can even include practice activities they can take place in the company headquarters or in the CESAP classrooms.



The CESAP training activity also provides corporate training courses held directly in the clients’ headquarters, to discuss and learn about these topics:

  • The knowledge and the choice of different plastic materials, with the opportunity to deepen the different materials families
  • Plastics additives
  • The test laboratory: the reference standards, the chemical, physical and mechanical characterization of plastic materials and the interpretation of the results
  • The design of articles in plastic material (including the components FEM analysis)
  • The design of injection molds for thermoplastics (including the economic assessment and the rheology analysis of the mold through CAE tools)
  • The plastics processing technologies:
    • injection molding
    • single and twin screw extrusion
    • rotational molding
    • preform molding and PET stretch blow molding
    • thermoforming etc. …
  • The surface finishing of the items:
    • aesthetic and functional decoration
    • assembly
  • Defects on items, analysis of the causes and finding remedies
  • The quality control procedures of the material and of the items
  • The management and running of the plastics processing departments
  • The development and management of a corporate integrated system (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001)



The business training activities are specifically structured and designed to meet the specific needs/requirements, both technical and organizational, of the client companies.

For this purpose, during the preliminary and organizational phase, all the distinctive elements of the company are considered, such as: training goals, results to be achieved, background and duties of the staff to be trained, materials used and type of items to get, production problems, production planning and work methodologies, etc.

These elements, elaborated on the basis of the CESAP experienced staff, are the key to design the specific training activities and the related planning.

A particular initiative in the context of business training – at the company headquarters or at CESAP – is the realization of a practical/applicative training activity for laboratory technicians with the goal to deepen the knowledge of the main physical-mechanical characterization tests and the analysis of plastic materials, including the use and management of the related equipment.

The proper operation and the use of the equipment, the test methods according to the reference standards, the definition and interpretation of the results are the main issues this kind of training program focuses on.

The kind of tests to be explored, the duration and the price of the training activity are agreed with the customer depending on the specific needs and competences, and it can be carried out at the customer’s lab and in the CESAP-IIP facility (for the eventual equipment not owned by the customer).

For more information and a quotation on a company customized training, please contact the CESAP office:

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