For the companies


Another prominent CESAP activity is the expert advice for the processing companies in plastics sector, through the support for continuous improvement projects with reference to  specific goals and constraints, for the resolution of problems or defects in the manufacturing process, for the research on advanced  plastic materials, for their best selection with reference their end-use application, for the design of molds and extrusion heads, for the processing technologies, etc.


With the experience gained, CESAP provides a complete consulting service to plastics processing companies.


CESAP applies a universally accepted methodology as the most effective one to obtain the desired outcome.


CESAP provides advice and technical assistance to companies depending on the type of need.

The companies


  • getting advice and suggestions on the solution of defects found in their manufacturing
  • making the right choice of the most suitable plastic material to meet the specific characteristics of a specific product
  • verifying the design of a piece/mold in order to predict and, therefore, to reduce as much as possible the risks of defects
  • having the opportunity to discuss with the independent experts of the technical issues encountered during the production or discussing about possible solutions conceived by the company

may ask CESAP for consultancy on the specific issue. Our experts will support you with a technical report, based on the information received and reprocessed. Ask for a quote for the CESAP specific consulting activity you are interested in.



CESAP provides support, according to the following approach:

  • Cesap meeting with experts at our headquarters (minimum duration two hours)

In case you of struggle with issues related to defects on the pieces, the samples and related documentation will be examined, in addition to any attempts for the solution of the problem encountered that have already put in place

During the meeting the CESAP experts will provide suggestions and propositions to solve the problem both in operational terms (process variables) and in structural changes to geometry, to molds or to the raw materials used.

In the event that the company wishes to submit our experts new projects, all topics related to the proposed case will be faced, analyzing and suggesting solutions and developments that the company will evaluate and will experience even on its own.

  • Meetings at the company headquarters (minimum duration: half a day).

On special request, a CESAP consultant goes directly to the company for a thorough examination of the technical subject to be evaluated.

The price of this service is evaluated every time on the basis of the expected duration of on site meetings and/or the back office activity for further processing of the case.

The quotations usually do not include travel expenses and possible accommodation and meals of CESAP staff, which will be charged at cost.

  • Remote consulting, by mail or telephone

You can also seek for a remote advice, at a fixed hourly rate, by mail or phone (in the latter case an appointment is needed).