Conditions of participation


The training courses are delivered in Italian. Courses in English are provided on request. Please contact us for more information.

For trainings in Italian, the registration form available online must be completed in its entirety:


Within 3 days from the compilation, a registration confirmation e-mail will be sent, in which the summary information of the course, the amount of the participation fee and the indications relating to the payment (requested as an advance bank transfer) will be indicated.

The courses are officially confirmed once the minimum number of participants is reached. The official confirmation of the course will be sent to the participants within 7 days from the date of the session.

Any changes to the dates of the sessions that are necessary for organizational reasons will be published on the website and communicated to all those who are already registered directly by the CESAP secretariat.

A certificate of participation is issued to all participants at the end of the course.

Below are the details regarding the participation fees and the withdrawal conditions.


Participation fees vary depending on the duration of each training. To find out about the fees for each course, we invite you to contact us.

Advance payment of the registration fee is required. The amount of money to be reclaimed is indicated in the official registration confirmation e-mail, according to the conditions indicated.


To those who request, from the time of enrollment, to take an exam at the end of the course with CESAP’s  teachers to verify the degree of learning of the topics covered, a report on learning and a qualification certificate are issued (in addition to the one of simple participation) – in case of successful passing of the exam.


CESAP training and consulting activities can be used by any company, and give the opportunity to use the services provided by taking advantage of numerous concessions, summarized below:

  • no membership fee required by CESAP
  • discounts for the purchase of full training courses

Further information on the initiatives listed above can be requested by phone +39 039 2045700, by fax +39 039 2045784 or by e-mail


To find out about the fees for each course, we invite you to contact us.


To find out about the fees for each course, we invite you to contact us.


Each participant of Italian trainings can benefit from the right of withdrawal by sending the cancellation via e-mail to the CESAP office, at least 7 working days before the date of the course. In this case, the participation fee will be refunded. For withdrawal from 7 to 3 days before the course, the fee cannot be reimbursed, but will constitute a credit usable for other sessions or other CESAP courses scheduled for the year. It is understood that the withdrawal cannot be exercised beyond the aforementioned terms and that, therefore, any subsequent waiver of participation does not give the right to any refund of the amount paid.