The wide range of available skills and an innovative approach to problem solving allow CESAP to present itself as a point of reference for companies that need a 360-degree consultancy support regarding materials, processing technologies, product design and equipment, best practices in operations and energy management.

Increase the competitiveness of your production

The lowest common denominator that can be found within any project performed with the support of CESAP is the use of excellent methods combined with the accuracy in their application.

There are various areas of intervention.

Starting from the Business Development (new products, new markets), through the application of the most suitable support methodologies, we are able to support you during the planning phase of your plastic products, from the choice of the most suitable materials according to the desired performances to the setting of the right transformation process.

A very important aspect for business operations is related to the review and optimization of the Supply Chain, starting from buy and vendor rating processes, passing through the implementation of best practices in the Manufacturing area. In its new and advanced range of services, CESAP proposes support paths in the implementation of the excellent methodologies related to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, with the aim of bringing continuous and systematic process efficiency, as well as providing ideal tools for monitoring constantly and continuously company’s performances. With the application of the Digital DMAIC approach, it’s now possible to make these methodologies even more effective and further simplify their implementation in terms of impact immediacy and perception.

Quality, safety and environment management systems. Even in the field of correct and efficient energy management, CESAP’s winning approach leads to tangible results that will also allow the company to accomplish important outcomes.

In the same way we can support to solve specific problems related to the product or process, identifying the exact causes and excluding the possibility that they may occur again.