Change management

Change Management

Cesap in support of Change Management in the family business

In manufacturing companies, even more so in family-run ones, the phases of generational change and succession are always delicate moments to be managed with the utmost attention in order not to waste the value of the company. Too often, in these operations, we find the failure of the necessary change and the maintenance of the previous status quo, with a consequent limitation of the company’s ability to change gear and concretely project itself towards the future.

The path is particularly articulated and complex, as it has a strong impact on the habits of people, who by their nature always show a certain resistance to change. Managing the human aspect means accompanying people towards new goals and habits, and this aspect is even more delicate if it concerns the ownership and governance of the company.

In recent years Cesap has managed with great attention and due confidentiality various cases of passing the baton in medium and small companies in the plastics and rubber sector, thanks to a team of experts who have been successfully operating on this type of projects. Furthermore, considering that today change management goes hand in hand with digital transformation, we operate first as a technological advisor and then as a tutor in the implementation of new technologies and related operational solutions.


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