Today’s industrial scenario is characterized by two fundamental competitive forces, only apparently antithetical: a tendency towards maximizing efficiency, hence the massive reduction in the product cost from its conception to its decline (life cycle cost); the other towards the effectiveness maximization, ie the delivery times compression and the flexibility  increase, understood as the speed of response to increasingly frequent changes in the  customer demand.

Global competition and negative economic trends generate increasingly arduous and sometimes conflicting challenges in terms of costs, quality and product delivery times that require industrial excellence in terms of flexibility, innovation, level of service and efficiency.

Operational Excellence (understood as effective management of Operations) thus becomes a vital competitive key for our companies, with its continuous adjustments in terms of technologies, management processes and above all people’s skills, not excluding the stronger and strategic option to significantly redesign  its technical-logistical – production process to make it leaner, faster and more responsive, therefore without waste and under adequate control.

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