Plastics Smart HUB 4.0

Towards the Sustainable Transition

From Industry 4.0 to Digital Transformation, with a view to sustainable value creation

CESAP, since the launch of the Industry 4.0 program, has decided to combine the rigorous application of these methodologies with the effective use of new technologies deriving from Digital Transformation, developing the Digital DMAIC method, the leitmotif of the activities and programs carried out at Yūshū Sentā, the National Center of Excellence on Polymers, which thanks to its Plastics Smart Hub 4.0 represents the most advanced and equipped technical and technological training center currently present in Italy in the chemical and polymer sectors.



Thanks to the co-location and strategic partnership that effectively makes its structure integrated with that of IIP, CESAP promotes a wide range of laboratory tests (almost entirely under accreditation) for the analysis and characterization of materials and artifacts. even in contact with food. Within this collaboration, thanks to the advanced systems available at the Plastics Smart Hub 4.0, it is possible to refine the optimal process for each blend of materials and also create standardized specimens useful for carrying out laboratory tests.

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