Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas

Materials &Technologies, Operations & Energy Management, Change Management, Digital Transformation & Sustainability

The main issues concerning the following macro themes:

Materials and Technologies – Operational Excellence – Energy Excellence – Change Management – Digital Transformation & Sustainability

are extensively covered in our training proposal, with the possibility of dedicated study for each company. The challenging nature of digitalization and the requirements of Industry 4.0 has led to a paradigm shift, at the organizational level, of the machine-human resource relationship, highlighting the need for new skills.

 In this renewed context, it is essential not to focus only on technologies as such, but also and above all on their potential ability to transform companies and people who work in them, with the enhancement of the skills of human resources and the development of a different relationship between the organization and the new production model.

It is therefore of vital importance that Human Resources, agents of change, are directly involved in this path, with appropriate investments, both in terms of technicality (or hard skills), and for transversal skills, of a behavioral and relational type ( or soft skills) and, more generally, for the ability to understand and adapt to the radical productive and cultural change taking place.

Cesap has decided to support this process of developing knowledge, new skills and human capital in general, reinventing its global proposal based on the relationship:


thus proposing itself as a key partner for Knowledge Management & Development

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