Energy excellence

Energy Excellence

Extensive training offer for the manufacturing sector on Energy Management & Efficiency

Energy Excellence is the CESAP platform specialized in offering training and consulting services on the correct use and efficient consumption of energy.

The extensive training offer, particularly attentive to regulatory and technological developments, promotes knowledge of tools and methods for product, process and organization sustainability. The development of company know-how, through excellent training courses, constitutes a certain lever of competitive advantage on the market, simultaneously generating value for the company and its organization.


Making energy efficiency in the company means creating value by reducing waste (MUDA). This virtuous path is based on correct Energy Management practices, i.e. on the effective control of consumption and above all on the continuous analysis of the Energy Performance Indicators, as well as on the knowledge of the available technological solutions and on good behavioral practices, not always taken for granted.

The mission of Energy Excellence is to support the search for energy efficiency and the reduction of energy purchase costs, through the application of Lean Thinking and modern behavioral guidance techniques (The nudge – The gentle push) to energy management.

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