Digital Transformation & Sustainability

Digital Transformation & Sustainability

We decline the Digital Transition in the world of Polymers

The goal is to provide a concrete response to the need for change and sustainable development of businesses.

Very often today the Digital Transformation leads to radical changes in companies.

In this sense Cesap operates both as a technological advisor and as a tutor in the implementation of new technologies and related organizational and operational solutions.

Through advanced Operational Excellence methodologies we contribute to the continuous improvement of technologies, management processes and above all people’s skills, not excluding the strongest option, but also the most paying in the medium-long term, to significantly rethink one’s technical-logistic-production process. to make it leaner, faster and more responsive, therefore without waste and under constant control.

We always try to combine these transformations with an increase in awareness on Sustainability issues, promoting solutions inspired by the Circular Economy, for sustainable product and process innovation.

Where possible, we move from the logic of Ecodesign, with the aim of learning how to design with an efficient use of resources, materials and processes, minimizing the amount of waste generated, improving durability and repairability and increasing the recyclability of the products themselves. We therefore promote the systematic use of the LCA methodology (Life Cycle Assessment, an internationally standardized procedure according to ISO 14040 and 14044), which is particularly useful for assessing the total impact with the environment.


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