Competence in Plastics

The reference tailored training for plastics supply chain resources

The reference specialist training for operators in the plastics supply chain Human resources today represent the true strategic axis of companies and the development of skills is an unparalleled lever of COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

CESAP offers the widest, most qualified and innovative training proposal in the plastics and elastomers sector, ranging from materials to technologies and excellent methodologies for the digital management of processes and consumption, with a view to complete sustainability.

The teachers are professionals with great experience in applying in the field the covered topics.

The skills certification represents a further guarantee of the high quality of the services offered.


Our proposal includes:

Classroom catalogue training

Catalog training in webinar mode

Catalogue training in companies

Tailored training according to the customers  specific needs

Coaching, Training on the job and Project work at companies


Our annual training calendar includes:

– Over 100 different courses

– More than 250 scheduled sessions


A solution incubator for value creation in manufacturing processesi

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