Why Cesap

Competence = Value

We put People at the center of our paths, we develop their Skills, we create Value for the company.

Global competition and negative economic trends generate increasingly difficult and sometimes conflicting challenges in terms of costs, quality and product delivery times that require industrial excellence in terms of flexibility, innovation, level of service and efficiency. Technologies certainly make it possible to enhance existing processes and / or improve performance, but it is advisable to make the most of their ability to transform each company and the people who work in it, aiming to further enhance the capabilities of the latter in the renewed production model. The involvement of Human Resources in this path is fundamental, with the appropriate investments, both in terms of technicality and transversal, behavioral and relational skills. in what promises to be a radical productive and cultural change, of which the resources themselves will be the real promoters. We are well aware that human resources today represent the true strategic asset of companies and the development of skills is an unparalleled lever of competitive advantage. For this Cesap has decided to build its training proposal on the basis of the relationship: INNOVATION → COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT → VALUE with the aim of proposing itself as a key partner for  Knowledge Management & Development, with useful paths to feed knowledge, human capital and the development of new professional skills that respond as much as possible to the changing needs of organizations approaching a phase of change and technological innovation of their processes. Therefore, the academic partnerships with MIP – the Business School of the Politecnico di Milano and the LSS Academy of the SCIRE consortium of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome are fundamental, and the international accreditation IASSC, the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, to further enrich the widest, most qualified and innovative training and consultancy proposal in the plastics and elastomers sector.

Our Strengths

The vast skills of CESAP experts guarantee highly effective support in solving the most complex problems of manufacturing companies regarding materials and technologies, in addition to the in-depth study of issues relating to the management of industrial processes, the supply and use of energy, problems and opportunities in terms of sustainability, up to managing change management projects in the family business.

40 years of activity, a vast wealth of skills to provide a concrete response to the need for change and sustainable development of businesses.

The activities carried out are always aimed at supporting change, helping companies to increase their competitiveness on the market and recover internal efficiency.

We build a shared path for the client company for the development of its organizational structure and the necessary skills in relation to the business objectives identified.

We modulate our intervention so as not to interfere with daily operations, using targeted forms of “training on the job, coaching and tutorship” for this purpose.

We evaluate in advance and minimize the impact of change on the value chain and on the internal organization of the company.

We deploy the most appropriate team of experts and professionals to implement discontinuity in the daily approach, to aim for rapid change, with a continuous and shared system of performance measurement.

Cesap proposes itself to companies as the “gateway” to the world of Enterprise 4.0, providing companies with services to introduce 4.0 technologies and develop sustainable Digital Transformation projects, operating as a true transmission belt for innovation.

  • We support the definition / revision of the strategic roadmap of products and services
  • We provide technology advisory, with particular attention to SMEs,
  • We favor the experimentation and production of new technologies,
  • We train both experienced staff and young people at the first experience to increase their skills and expand the possibilities of employment in the company.
  • We support companies in the choice of partners, both technical and technological, an essential element in any innovation project.

The availability of a multidisciplinary team with great practical experience allows us to support companies in continuous improvement projects, from the choice of the most suitable materials to the identification of the optimal technological solution, often starting from the analysis of a problem encountered in the field.

With our Digital DMAIC methodology, we then contribute to improving the performance of the industrial process, at the same time promoting the growth of the skills of the resources involved, in a very practical and effective LEAN approach, specifically aimed at the transformation processes of plastic materials.

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